Oscar 2019 Best Picture Predictions

It has never been too late to predict or speculate on the nominated movies for the Best Picture. Recently, we have been following the Toronto, Venice, and Telluride film festivals that conclude some of the best films out there.

Oscar 2019 Best Picture Predictions

2018 is a fantastic year wherein the incredible and exciting films entertain us. There are some prospective films that we have in mind that could win the Best Picture in Oscars 2019.THE


The Favourite has been receiving positive reviews in Venice. Many viewers praised the performance. Speaking of which, this film should receive appraisals from the production design and costume branches.


Black Panther gave a new face to the MCU with the great performances of the actors and supporting actress. It has become a global phenomenon where the coined phrase like “Wakanda Forever” becomes the daily motivating phrase in youngsters. Black Panther seems to deserve to get the Best Popular Film Oscar. Best Picture is probably the only category Black Panther can have.


Steve McQueen makes the return after winning 12 Years A Slave as the Best Picture. Widows tell us the story about the widows who decide to solve their own problems with their own hands after their husbands passed away while conducting their duties. The Widows trailer has proven the audiences that this film is worth to watch. Premiered in Toronto, critics gave appraisals to this film. Even though the film crew strives for box office hits, Widows is hard to ignore.


Bradley Cooper with Lady Gaga has done beautiful works in this movie. It happens on Venice, Toronto, making the critics and experts would give the recommendations of the film. Critics would like to include Cooper in Best Director and Best Actor, and Lady Gaga in Best Actress. As the Best Picture candidate, A STAR IS BORN deserves many nods.


La La Land director Damien Chazelle has achieved another masterpiece. A million viewers are fascinated with the objective Neil Armstrong biopic First Man. This film has had successful screenings at Telluride, Toronto, and Venice. The responses from the engaged audiences indicate that First Man should get many nods in the Best Picture. Not to mention that folks can name Ryan Gosling as the Best Actor and Claire Foy as the Best Supporting Actress.


Boy Erased focuses on a memoir of Garrard Conley, a gay man whose his parents sent him to conversion therapy program. Boy Erased is a fantastic drama. With the touching soundtrack and excellent execution, the emotional film is what critics love.


Its film title is the same as the book’s title. It is a breath-taking drama to watch, telling a story about pregnant Harlem woman trying to prove her fiance’s innocence of an accused crime. Critics agree that it is a beautiful drama with a strong message about love and sacrifice. More info about this movie


VICE is going to show at AFI Fest, before reaching at theaters in December. That is pretty close, but it is going to be great. The test screenings were there, and critics were happy to recommend this film to the viewers. Look at the trailers; it is so promising.

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