How to Watch the Oscars 2020 Live internationally

The date of the big event, Oscars 2020 is fast approaching. Since Oscars is an international event, it won’t be surprising that there will be millions of films lovers who will be watching the event to root for their favorite actors, directors, writers, animators, as well as filmmakers to take the home an Oscar.

Watch the Oscars Live internationally

Although the hostname has not been available yet, it has never been too early to reserve the option to watch Oscars 2020 live internationally. Chances are there will be millions of people who are tuning in from around the world. You can be one of them.

The upcoming 92nd Academy Awards Ceremony is brought to you by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – AMPAS. The event, as usual, will honor the films of the 2019 year. It will happen at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The Oscars ceremony is set to occur on February 09, 2020. In the event, there will be 24 categories of the Academy Awards. If you are the big fans of films, you don’t want to miss a single class to follow. The ABC is the full broadcast right holder of the event. So, you could tune in ABC to catch up with the show.

As mentioned, it is an international event wherein the viewers around the world want to watch and catch up the spectacular moments in it. Here are the TV channels that you could tune in based on your location:

  • Africa: M-Net
  • Asia: HBO Asia
  • Australia: Nine Network
  • Brazil: Globo
  • Canada: CTV Television Network
  • China: Mango TV or CCTV-6
  • France: Canal+ France
  • Germany: ProSieben
  • Holland: SBS
  • Hong Kong: TVB
  • Japan: Wowow or NHK
  • Middle East: OSN
  • Russia: Channel One
  • Taiwan: Taiwan Television Enterprises
  • United Kingdom: Sky

Keep in mind that the list above is not complete. If you can’t find your country up there, it is recommended to check the official site of Oscars to see the channel that broadcast the event in your state.

You might not be able to access ABC if you are living outside the US. The reason is simple.

The ABC blocks the viewers who are living outside the US. It is their geo-restriction policy to make the US viewers as the exclusive clients. ABC also has the live streaming website, which also comes with the geo-restriction system.

When you attempt to visit the site to get the access to ABC, you will receive the notice that you appear to be outside the US or its territories. That means those who are living abroad, or traveling to another country when the event happens won’t be able to access the ABC live stream service.

You need to know. However, it is not the end. You can bypass the geo-restriction with the help of the VPN service. Indeed! You can access ABC with a VPN.

The Geo Blocked sites will recognize you coming from a different country. At this point, it is a great idea to use the VPN and connect to the US IP. You will appear as if you are using the internet in the US soil. Thus, the ABC streaming service will recognize you as the US user. You will no longer have the streaming issues. Have a good day!

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