Oscars 2020 Date, Start Time and TV Coverage info

Who can’t wait for their favorite actors and actresses to get the nomination for Oscars 2020? Talking about the awards, some movies caused quite a stir among movie lovers, such as Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Rocket Man. Some people even debating quite seriously about which movie would arise as the winner of the Academy Awards Statues. The last year’s Oscars ceremony was a huge success. It succeeded to draw so many viewers even without a host to lead the event. The additional category, the “Best Popular Movie” also brought in quite many viewers into their side.

oscars 2020

There has been an announcement that the Oscars 2020 would take place on February 9th, 2020, exactly on Sunday.

For those who live in the USA. ABC TV is the official way to watch Oscars 2020. If you want to watch Oscars 2020 live online visit and subscribe abc.go.com

For those who live in the UK, you can watch the live broadcast of the awards ceremony on Sky 1. The station officially has the rights to broadcast all things related to Oscars. The broadcasting will start with the red carpet arrivals at 10 P.M. GMT. Then it will continue until the ceremony starts at approximately 1 A.M. There would be a repeat broadcast of the ceremony highlights at the more friendly hour, approximately 9 P.M on the next day.

It is still unclear whether the ceremony would want to repeat last year’s success with not using a host. But looking at the ratings alone, last year was a huge success with overall viewer increase up to 12%. It would be more sensible if they are to repeat that success with no host at all. It started with the usual host of Academy Awards; Kevin Hart had a problem with his social media statements. On that statement, he uttered his hatred for people with certain sexual deviation and it stirred a polemic. After his refusal on the Oscar gig, then last year it was then when the host-less ceremony happened.

Now you know about the schedule, it is better to prepare everything beforehand. If you think you wouldn’t be able to watch the live broadcast, you should consider getting the live streaming instead. It is quite easy to get the service for this awards ceremony program. You can simply download the app from the play store, or visit the official SKY website. Check if the live streaming would require a subscription, and get yours right away before the event starts. Don’t miss every single detail in this upcoming Oscars 2020; share the joy with your favorite actors and actresses.

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